We’d like to assure all of our customers that should you find that your date needs to be postponed, we will do our best to accommodate a new date and it will not cost you more to move the date with us.

Also for any new customers, (booking for 2021 onwards) if you are worried about the longevity of business’ after all of this, then I’d also like to reassure you of the following:-

🌸 we do not rely on this business to pay our bills
🌸 no matter how long the lockdown, we will not go out of business
🌸 your booking will be in safe hands

I am pretty sure that is not the case for many business owners who are going to struggle over these challenging times. However, we are in a very fortunate position as we are financially secure regardless of how long this takes and we will not let our customers down.

We are still open for enquiries and are happy to talk over the phone or though messenger or email.

Keep well and safe, from the Pieces and Posies team.